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General Information

Why did you make the site?

What's up with the banners?

Can I help?

Why is the site called Annie's

How do I contact you?


Why did you make this site?

We made this site as a place to get solid information on the GS500, get ideas for modification or enhancement.  The original site started out as a message board to replace the old GS board that was run by Phil Esbenshade.  Phil decided to shut it down and move on with his life to become a rich and powerful lawyer.

So with the simple message board came a simple Annie's gs500 page on Yahoo.   Then came  informational pages, then came a visitors picture page and it kept growing.  The message board went from a few hits a week to a almost 2000 a week and I was out of web space.  It got ugly real fast.

Annie and I had to make a decision, continue to offer a sub par message board or make the plunge and start what we now call  It was quite an educational experience registering our domain names (gstwin &, finding a web host and building a new site -which was the hardest of them all.  We are very happy we did, we now have the room to grow into the ultimate web site dedicated to the GS500e

What's up with the banners?

OK.  Truth be told when we were deciding if we should build this site the financial aspects of maintaining a domain loomed large.  We decide that a couple tastefully placed banners would help defray expenses.  Trust me when I tell you that we will never make money off the site but the banners will help defray some expenses.   Please consider clicking on a banner or ordering a repair manual from   We don't get much, but every little bit helps.  If you find these banners offensive we apologize, but they have become a necessary evil.

Can I help?

Sure you can!  If you plan to be modifying your bike with a product not shown on the site please feel free to take a bunch of pictures and make up a write up of the procedure and email or regular mail it to us.  We will add it to out mods section.  We are currently looking for write-ups and photos on all exhaust manufacturers except Vance & Hines, fairings, accessories etc...  We want your help -hell, we need it.  The more info we have to offer GS owners the better.

Why is the site called Annie's

Good question.  Annie owns a GS500, has modified it herself for the most part, and loves the her bike.  Anne is not a web designer, but is trying to learn.   One of these days she will maintain the gstwin site herself.  Oh yea, Anne owns the site too.

How do I contact you?

You can email   If you need to send us mail please contact us via email and we will give you the address.


If you are interested in advertising on please contact us via email.   We will consider advertising any motorcycle related material or other material that we deem relevant.

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