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 Maintenance Schedule For The GS500

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Maintenance Schedule

Every 4000 miles (6000 km)

  • Check battery electrolyte level and condition
  • Inspect spark plugs; regap or replace if necessary
  • Tighten cylinder head nuts and exhaust pipe bolts
  • Inspect valve clearance; adjust if necessary
  • Inspect all fuel lines for deterioration and leakage
  • (California models) Inspect evaporation canister and vapor lines
  • Change engine oil and replace filter
  • Check engine idle speed; adjust to 1200 rpm if necessary
  • Check clutch adjustment; adjust if necessary
  • Check drive chain tension; adjust if necessary
  • Inspect all brake hoses for chaffing, cracks or leakage
  • Check brake fluid levels in both master cylinders; add fluid if necessary
  • Check brake pad wear
  • Inspect tire condition and air pressure
  • Check steering operation; adjust if necessary
  • Check operation of front forks
  • Check rear suspension operation
  • Check all chassis bolts and nuts for tightness; tighten if necessary
  • Check all cable adjustments; adjust if necessary
  • Check throttle grip operation, play and adjustment
  • Check headlight aim, adjust if necessary
  • check front and rear brake light switch operation
  • Lubricate rear suspension linkage and swing arm bearings

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