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Cutting Off The Fender

Get rid of that truck flap!

  By John Callahan 


A Simple Way of Cleaning up the back end of the bike

There are many ways to cut off the fender of a bike -some are quite involved and elaborate.  I chose the easiest way possible.  Many other bikes have fender eliminator kits available to make the job easy and look great but not the little GS so we need to do something.

Removing the rear fender is quite easy.  Remove the seat, remove one bolt from the front, 2 from the sides and 2 from the rear.  Once it's removed you are ready to begin.

 It's quite easy.  I use a dremmel (the greatest tool ever made) with a metal cutter at slow speed to cut the plastic because it cuts straight and at slow speeds cuts plastic pretty well.  Of course you can use anything you like.  Many people use a razor knife or exacto knife to cut the fender.

I did this because the sun has already started to bleach out the fender and it looks bad.

Michael Cohen took a slightly different approach to doing it.






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