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Fuel Hose Routing

 By Kerry Burton

You just finished cleaning the carbs, and you need to put them back on the bike. The only trouble is, you can't remember where to attach all of those blasted hoses....

You've come to the right place!

The REServe hose runs from outlet 1 on the fuel tank petcock to inlet 5 on the frame-mounted petcock.


*Click on Image to enlarge

The ON (main) hose runs from outlet 2 on the fuel tank petcock to inlet 4 on the frame-mounted petcock.


The hose that carries fuel to the carburetors runs from outlet 3 on the frame-mounted petcock to inlet 7 on the lower tube between the carbs.


The vacuum hose runs from the back of the frame-mounted petcock to the inside of the left carburetor. In the first picture it is the hose that the number 3 seems to be resting on. In the second picture the same hose comes up between the carburetors from below. This hose has a smaller diameter than the others.


The remaining hose connects to inlet? outlet? 6 on the upper tube between the carbs. The other end of the hose is draped over the airbox and left open to the air. (This may be different on California models.)


diagram submitted by user MarkusN

Thanks to Nick Grubac ("GRU" on the message boards at for the photos!


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