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Installation of the Vance & Hines Ignition Advancer

By John Callahan

The Vance & Hines Ignition Advancer is one of the best and cheapest performance mods you can make to the GS500e as it is easy to install and makes a noticeable difference in performance.  The average price is around $45.  What this part does is help the GS500 make more power at low rpm which translates to less stalls starting off and more useable power at cruising rpm.   You feel the bike accelerate harder from a stop and notice no power drop at higher rpm.

Some people argue that this part makes the gs500 lose power at top rpm (maybe 1 or 2 hp) but I have not been able to tell and have only noticed better power and more fun.   This is a must do mod along with adding a performance exhaust (full or slip on) and a jet kit (Dynojet or Factory).  You can install this part on a stock GS without any exhaust or carburetion changes.

Time of Installation:  10 Minutes
Tools required:  Ratchet with 7mm & 10mm sockets, 19mm box wrench (a crescent wrench may do)

adv1.jpg (20922 bytes)

The Vance & Hines Ignition Advancer

adv2.jpg (14183 bytes)

adv3.jpg (15498 bytes)

Start by removing the cover with the ratchet and 7mm socket

This what you see after cover is removed

adv4.jpg (12817 bytes) adv5.jpg (12184 bytes)
Hold the rotor in place with a 19mm box wrench while loosening the center bolt with the ratchet and 10mm socket Remove the old signal rotor by pulling it straight out and insert the new one by sliding it back in.  The rotor has a locating pin and will lock into place by turning it.  You will feel it.
adv6.jpg (14251 bytes) adv7.jpg (10685 bytes)
Retighten the center bolt till nice and snug (and don't over tighten it) while holding the advancer in place with the 19mm box wrench Reinstall the 3 bolts holding the cover on (again not too tight, just nice and snug) and you are done

No more excuses, if you want a better ride then this mod is for you.

As always you may want to recheck tightness in a few days.  I know I feel better when I do because bike bolts have a nasty habit of loosening up.  You should also be aware that your GS may use a bit more oil than it usually does (most all GS500's use a bit of oil) after this modification -I don't know exactly why but it does.

Sadly the Vance & Hines ignition advancer is no longer made. had a big batch special made over a year ago and promptly sold out.  If you are interested drop them a note and ask them to make some more!  We have.

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