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This site is maintained by John and Anne Callahan.  John is an unemployed and unloved sod who is now meandering through life looking for a direction and a purpose.  John received his Associates in Business Administration and attends ASU taking more college courses  If you think you have a job for John in the south Phoenix area please email us!

Anne has worked as a veterinarian technician for 19 years.  Anne enjoys motorcycle riding and going to watch races. She learned to ride in her teens, her first boyfriend rode a Norton, he helped teach her to ride that old Norton in a hay field (yes crashed her first time), then got her own bike which was a Honda cb350.  Anne stopped riding for a while, and then started up when she meet John (loser above) 14 years ago and bought a 250cc Suzuki and then moved up to a GS500e in 1999.  Anne has since bought a 2001 Ninja ZX6R. 

Random and Recent Pictures
and other scraps from my life

Fall mountain ride My old Suzuki GN250 hi Is my hair windblown?
Every year I come to party I need longer legs!
Hey Mat Mladin I love you Just got my fairing on Quiet reflection

I'm feeling frisky

Wine vineyard in spring

Hey watch that hand!

Being very squidly

New Bedford Portuguese Day 5k run

My Lil One

Its my Honey! (yes she is shaved)

Its Stymie!

Oooh, what a photo!

These aren't real are they?

Berlin Wall

New - See photos from my 2001 Laconia Bike Week trip - New

My battle with a clavicle separation 2000/2001
I hope you never do this because it's worse than a shoulder separation as it takes forever to heal and hurts like hell.  It happened when I dumped my bike (boohoo!).  It didn't keep me off the bike for long though -after 10 days I had to get back on and ride.   Most people thought I was crazy, but I needed to get on 2 wheels again.  I was not about to be denied!   There was only one way to fix it and that is to cut down the collar bone, drill a hole in it and suture it to some tendons in the shoulder.  Yes, a painful procedure to be sure, but I can now use my arm normally again.  I highly recommend this procedure if you have something similar happen to you.

Newspaper article about me! (1999)
God, was it that long ago?  The Brocton Enterprise wrote a story about the rising popularity of bikes and I was the centerpiece of the story!   As I was picking up my bike, a reporter called the dealership looking for a story and the owner handed me the phone and said to tell her why I decided to buy a bike.   The rest is history!

Pictures taken for the article.  The photographer sent me these.

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