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Grafting on SV650 Rear Peg Assemblies

  By John Callahan 

Due to a little spill one of the rear peg brackets was slightly bent (the stock bracket is really weak).  We had access to some spare SV parts so we went about grafting SV650 rear peg assemblies onto the GS500.  The whole process wasn't too bad and the result speaks for itself.  The good thing about using SV pegs is the availability of the parts from race bikes.  the SV is very popular at race tracks and racers just don't need them so they can be had for fairly short money.  Other than at your local race track you can find them on the SVrider mail list or other racer lists.

The instructions are fairly simple, I think I have included most of the info:

First remove the side panels, grab rail and move wires out of the way.
Cut off the existing peg brackets with a hacksaw Grind off remaining metal until flush
Make peg brackets out of 1/4 inch plate steel.  this will ensure it will have strength.  Drill holes to match the spacing found on the SV rear brackets. Have the brackets welded to the frame on top...
...and welded on the bottom of the frame member repaint the frame and brackets with silver paint.  You can find a close match at most parts stores.
Attach the peg assemblies to the new peg brackets You will need to make a new exhaust bracket out of some thin steel plate.  We made ours out of some spare 1/8 inch plate.  The bracket will also need some custom bends to really fit good but if you take your time it will fit perfectly.
Do not drill the bracket while holding it like shown, if it binds up it will rip your arm off.  Don't ask how I know. Paint, paint and repaint till you have a thick layer of black paint on the new bracket.  Rust just isn't pretty.
Now the side covers will need to have the locking tabs cut off where the new SV brackets are located, I also put fome felt pads where I cut them off so it wouldn't scratch or rattle against the new bracket (you may not understand but you will know what I mean once you look at it).  Other than that you are done -as best as I can remember.  The SV pegs are much fancier and give the GS a more expensive look and feel.

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