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Targa Fairing and Air Dam
for the GS500

Information and Install info

  By John Callahan 

I installed a Targa fairing and air dam on my gs500. The fairing is made from fiberglass and is well crafted.  It attaches to the existing headlight brackets and uses 2 small clamp rods to secure the upper part of the fairing to the handlebars.   The fairing comes completely unassembled.  The shield is held on with screws and self-locking nuts, sometimes the holes don't line up exactly so be careful when you install it.  If you can't get the holes to line up use a dremmel to carefully open up the holes on the fairing to make the holes line up with the shield but again BE CAREFUL!

The air dam is tailor made to fit with the stock exhaust.  If an after market exhaust is used like my Vance & Hines system or perhaps some other full systems you will have to alter the air dam to get it to fit properly.  I again pulled out my trusty dremmel and started carving chunks out of the air dam until it fit.  It would have looked better with the stock pipes but it came out pretty good.  The rest of the assembly was pretty easy as the air dam attaches using clamps that bolt to the frame.  If you know you are going to install an air dam down the road consider installing a Cobra slip on exhaust.

Detailed Views

This shot shows a drivers view.  I took this a little farther back than you would sit but it gives you a good idea of how it will look and also shows the mounting rods and clamps.
The shield sits flush with the fiberglass and bolts on with some screws
This bracket is what connects the fairing to the headlamp bracket
This shows how the air dam attaches to the frame.  It's simple and holds it sturdy.
This view shows the rear air dam bracket connecting to the frame.  These brackets are a snap to install.

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