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The GStwin Survey
Almost 400 people responded to the survey.  See how you stack up against other GS500 owners.

(Final Update 7/18/01)

7% Girls -Not too shabby!
Glad to see wheelchair riders still get some time in the saddle

Wow!  Half the people ride more than 10 hours a week!

Lots of  pot smokers! Wish I could be always drunk Lots of money being spent
That's pretty high! That's great! Lots of new riders here, but also 25% have 10 years or more experience.

The Simpsons, Speedvision/bike racing and Star Trek -an unusual top 3 to say the least!   And check out the 14% who don't watch TV. (these are the top responses)

Lots of US riders but an impressive number from the UK

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