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Vance & Hines Supersport Exhaust

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  John Callahan 
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My GS500 has a Vance & Hines supersport full system, Dynojet jet kit and K&N air filter installed.  The bike makes more power than stock and makes it more fun to ride.  The V&H system has a nice low rumble sound and is quite loud at full throttle.  I am very happy with the modifications I have made.

Contrary to public opinion the exhaust does not NEED to be removed to change the oil filter.  You only need to remove the header nuts and pull the pipe down a couple inches, this allows enough room to remove the old and insert the new filter.  then just push the header back into place and tighten the nuts.  Removal of the header is almost as easy and makes the whole job a bit easier.   The whole procedure adds about 5 or 6 minutes to the oil change.  Not a big deal.

Click Here To Hear It Free Rev  -windows .wmv format
Taking Off From A Stop 
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Finally Twisting It Up Tight 
-windows .wmv format

*PLEASE right click and "save as" instead of streaming from the server if  possible

The Vance & Hines Supersport #12029 has a nice sound.  Couple that with a K&N filter and  Dynojet stage 1 jet kit #23-9179(that's a combo kit) and the bike rides way better!  I highly recommend it.
*Rejetting is strongly recommended if an aftermarket exhaust is installed

This system really looks good on the GS and the billet machined end cap is a nice touch.  This system was a snap to install.

Repainting your exhaust  After a couple of years your  stock or the V&H system will start to show rust.  The only way to bring it back to new is to sandblast it and repaint.  Annie sandblasted her system and made sure all the rust was gone.  If you don't have access to a sandblaster call around to some body shops or machine shops.  They can probably do it pretty cheap.  Just make sure you mask off the pretty aluminum parts. 


Once the system is sandblasted you are ready to paint.  The owner of the Yamaha dealer down the road told Anne that gas grill spray paint was better than the high heat black he was selling.  Spraying multiple layers will help ensure proper coverage and help prevent rock dings from getting down to the metal.  Once the paint is dry you can polish the paint with a rag to get a shine (gas grill paint is pretty flat but will shine if rubbed with a rag).  I have found gas grill paint to be at least as durable as other high heat paints and is VERY tough against rock dings.  

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