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Welcome to
Your best source for GS500 information on the web

Dedicated to the Suzuki GS500 / GS500E / GS500F and its owners.� This is a place where owners can get ideas, information and share experiences.� Our mission is to enhance the GS500 ownership experience by providing a one stop resource.

Suzuki's GS500F a big hit in the United States! 

Our simulated image when we first broke the story back in late 2003 is Here

2006 SUZUKI GS500F

Based on Suzuki's successful GS500, the Suzuki GS500F  blends all the reliability and performance of the original machine with a sporty new look.

What's New:


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About The Site

This site is made out of love for the GS500 -that loveable little twin that has been around for over 16 years.  Rarely does a model continue virtually unchanged like the GS500. hits its 5 year anniversary in February and is increasing in popularity every month.  The feedback has been so positive, so many people have said so many nice things, and some have donated money to ensure GStwin will continue to grow and offer even more to GS owners year after year.  

So much has changed since the site started out as Annie's GStwin site on Yahoo/Geocities free pages back in early 2000.  As traffic grew we knew the GS500 needed a proper site to do it justice, so within the first year we moved here to  It has been so much fun and we have met so many great people  since we moved here and hope to continue to provide the best GS500 site available.

We thank you for your support through our links.  So far we have generated enough money through and donations to pay for the web space and extra bandwidth necessary to keep going.  This is great as we originally thought we would have to have those annoying popup banners on the site.

We hope you enjoy using the site and stop by often.  

Thanks for all your support!
Anne (& John too!)

Contact Information

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   Millions of Loyal GS500 owners have stopped by since April 2000 -wow!


Pearls of

Tip:   Lube your chain at least every 600 miles and it will last much longer than a neglected chain

Did you know? In the USA the gs500 came with clip-on bars only in 1989

Click here to see a Dyno Run for the GS500

Tip:  Wipe your rims after regular cleaning with a rag soaked with Kerosene or WD40 to get off grease stains

What do you think?  What would you like to see?  Please let us know!

This site could not be possible without help from some great GS owners around the world

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Last modified: March 15, 2006